Quantity Surveying

Cost estimates – Through detailed budget formulation and Analogous estimating the client is given an accurate market related costing. Management of costs related to Civil, Structural, building and engineering projects. From initial calculation through progressive milestones, to final figures. Our goal is to minimise the cost and enhance quality of final product while ensuring value for money. Project supplied on time and withing budget.

Feasibility reporting – Broad based report formulated to help client make decisions based on project forecast of budget, Program, finances, geographic location and resources at hand.

Tender documentation – Formulation Bill of Quantities and tender documentation. Adjudication of submitted costing and tender results. This means that both the client and contractor know the scope of work. That the costing is fair and market related.


Project Management

Principal Agent – Appointed by the client we manage the services of all other consultants, contractors and professional crew during the lifespan of the project. Though efficient communication, programming and reporting

Contract Documentation – Formulation of documentation related to the project. This includes; Supplier review, Invitation to tender, Form of tender, Bill of quantities, Schedule of rates, Valuations and Implementation of contractual documentation. GCC,JBCC, FIDIC, NEC.

Cost reporting – Cash flow, cost control, monthly claim valuation and claim forecast. Ongoing reporting throughout the project life cycle ensures that the client is aware of both the final projected cost, variations and current cost to date. With highlighted milestones and budget benchmarks ensuring that the project is handed over on time and within budget.

Quality Control

Industrial audits – Refinery, manufacture and Processing Plants – We carry out ongoing onsite inspections of all new and maintenance work.

Ensuring that Plant managers can focus on production knowing that any work carried out is taken care of.

Supplier review – Feasibility reports and Contractor vetting. Ensuring that competent market related and quality workmanship is carried out. Having the correct product at the right price and from contractors you can rely on.

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